Rome as we know it is arguably the best empire ever created in the History. There government was sophisticated and they governed many people at that time. It was said that if these empire today still exist they will still boast the highest GDP per capita and they will boast military power only the whole world combine can match.
Provence was the first province bind by Roman Empire. Let’s see how the empire influenced the city’s culture, heritage and tradition.

  1. Avignon Palais Des Papes City Gate Machicolations

    The intricate architectural design will you leave you breathless. Wait till you enter the place I mean palace. Roman’s sure know how to build and conquer.
  2. Pont Saint Bénézet Pont D’avignon Rhône Avignon

    This bridge was built during the medieval ages. Originally spanned for less than or more than 900 meters.
  3. Valley Hilltown Hill Medieval Old Town Ancient
  4. Stairs Baroque South Of France Provence

    Stairs are already intricate in architectural design even during the ancient rome.
  5. French Puluo Provence

    Houses in hills and beautiful ancient influence. Truly the works once a mighty empire.
  6. L’isle-Sur-La-Sorgue Wine And Liqueur Music Provence

    Can’t define Provence without fresh and delicious wine.
  7.  Lavender and beautiful flowers all over the town and villages of Provence.

    and can’t spell Lavender without the touch and scent of People in Provence.

There are so many beautiful things and beautiful people in Provence. Take a look at this video and be amazed with its rich culture and history.