Provence is the region of south eastern France in the Mediterranean near Italy. The name Provence was derived  because it is the first  roman province outside of Italy.  Provence, is a wonderful part of France. It is known with leafy trees and lavenders, rose mary, villages, ancient towns and beautiful flowers. This region is filled with ancient villages and it offers enticing  blends of beautiful landscapes, towns and architectural villages and with its rich history ,tradition and culture. Many artist such as Picasso and Vincent Van Gogh and Susan Fletcher have such creative inspiration in Provence and their works still remain to this place to this very day.
During the mid 17th Century the ministry of Louis the 14th started working in printed fabrics because of there ecstatic and nature and bright colors. These fabrics were imported in the Indian nation at that time these fabrics where very expensive.

Later in century the fabrics manufactures attempted to import the Indian eventually the printing knowledge of Indians and Persian printing  technology were learned by a specific man and was  brought in France.

This new knowledge resulted in the birth of a new and sophisticated fabrics. As time passed the original orientation and designs of Indian were replaced by new motifs and colors. The colors were influenced by artist like Vincent Van Gogh.

The original design of the indians with birds were ammended with new designs like that of the lavender that is the identity of the french in Provence.