Places to go in Provence

So provence is first of all cicadas. It is the lavender of course. It’s the Alpiles mountains and the sun

In provence there are a lot of extraordinary light.

One of the most visited hobby of people in provence is definitely bull fighting.In this place you will feel like your in the 14th, 15, 16 and even 18th century.

  1. If you want to eating as most people do. Try visiting CABANE D’OLERON. This place is filled is seafood influenced. The concept in this place is to eat fresh oyster at any time of the year.
  2. L’AGAPE restaurant Fresh and beautiful presenstation and good steaks.
  3. Musee reatuu Museum
    this place is extremely and innovative musuem. The first department of  photography was set in this place.
    This place still contains many of Picasso’s legendary arts. Where 57 Drawings were donated by Picasso himself.
  4. Palais Des Papes
    In the 14 th century when Bordeux was elected as the archbishop. He led the Babylon the great at that time.
  5. Musee Angladon
    Contains the collection of Jacques Doucet a clothes designer in paris and art collector and Van Gogh paintings.
  6. Baravin
    Place to bar and have some good time. This place boast good food and wine.
  7. Bernet
  8. Les Celestial
  9. All the fields that boast beautiful flower that feels like you in the heaven’s of bouquet with variable and dynamic flowers.

So what are you waiting for visit Provence now. I’m sure that every minute will be worth the stay in this place!