Beautiful Provence

Welcome to Provence

The land of blue sky and pink rosie wine and pastries. This place is historical for the ancient Rome governed this place.  you can find a lot amphitheaters, Vincent Van Gogh paintings and Roman theaters. Throughout the Provence there are a lot of lavenders and the Roman history and just  beautiful architectures and cities and town.

First, you’ll have to visit here during June and July months  where you’ll be in heaven of lavenders. This defines the beauty of mother nature while sitting in the city of rocks in this place. It will amaze you especially while ridding a car and travelling the road.

Secondly, Provence’s beautiful towns. Every town in Provence feels like a jam. The pedestrian streets, the churches , the stores , the squares and all these things when you get to go around  you can even see a coliseum like amphitheater in these towns.

Third, Historic sight there are a lot of things here like the papal palace, the churches, the walled cities and the painting of Van Gogh. Provence basically became a province of the might Ancient Roman Empire.

Fourth, Tourism and travel. People come in and go because of every thing above. There are also no problem in transportation and language since in Provence there are things you can get in.

Fifth, Food and wine. They also have food for tourist and even they have learn to cook for tourist.

I hope you can spend a week or two in Provence surely every minute you’ll love it.